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This years first mushroom picking spree! #nofilter

"Slut shaming" is not how we’re going to make the world a better place for women, and calling a girl a "slut" is not going to empower her.
A woman isn’t made “easy” by wearing revealing clothing.

Why should women be constantly told what they can and cannot wear, just so that men can control themselves?
Should all women just lock themselves in, away from men, and call it a day?
I mean, that is the only way you know FOR SURE you’re not going to tempt anyone with your lewd body, right?

I’ve never met a woman who’s had a hard time controlling her urges when a random shirtless guy walks by (and many random shirtless men walk by us in our lifetimes, trust me)… but hey, maybe that’s just me.

Rather than talk about “sluts”, let’s talk about self-entitled, misogynistic pervs. Let’s talk about douche-bags, cowards and scum, and stop blaming victims.



 Let’s start by saying: I’m not a religious person. I’m not much of a fan of organized religion either.
What I am though, is very respectful of people’s beliefs - if believing in something brings you peace and happiness, then by all means believe. 

 I’m content in thinking that we are absolutely meaningless, coincidental and temporary, and the universe flows by us magically in endless time. That is MY comfort. To some, it might sound stupid and unbelievable.
To me, an old wise man in the sky seems much more unbelievable.  

 But just as I don’t tell you what to believe in, I don’t need to be told what to believe in either. Belief is something deeply personal, and a choice you make for yourself.

 Try not to shove your personal beliefs, whatever they might be, down people’s throats, and you will probably find you get a lot more respect and acceptance from them.

 What’s the point in arguing about something that NO ONE can give the answer to? Just believe in what you want, I’ll believe in what I want, and we can all peacefully wait for someone to some day figure it out for real. What about that? 

Balcony view (or lack thereof)Just saw that I had a picture of the exact same place on a crisp winter day, here (X) . hehe